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enäks Stands with European Farmers: Announces 80% Discounts for Agriculture SMEs

In response to the ongoing challenges faced by European farmers due to EU regulations, enäks pledges support through substantial service discounts

Budapest, Hungary: enäks (Enaks Market Intelligence Kft.), a marketing research & consultancy company in Europe, has launched an unprecedented initiative to help SMEs in the agriculture industry. These businesses face soaring production costs and unfair competition due to EU regulations, making it difficult to survive in this competitive landscape. To support the EU agricultural sector, Enäks (Enaks Market Intelligence Kft.) is offering significant service discounts ranging from 50% to 80%.

Enäks (Enaks Market Intelligence Kft.) has taken a bold step to support SMEs in the EU's agricultural industry. The company is proud to announce its solidarity with all the EU farmers and took the initiative to assist these businesses.

"After careful consideration with our board members and a thorough analysis of our current resources, we have decided to significantly reduce our market research services by 80%, consultancy by 80%, and execution by 50% for all SMEs impacted by unfair regulations within the agricultural industry in the EU," said David Pop, CEO and co-founder of enäks.

By providing these substantial discounts, enäks (Enaks Market Intelligence Kft.) is taking a stand against unfair EU regulations and supporting the core and backbone of our economy.

"enäks, rooted in the equinox, is traditionally known as the stepping stone between light and dark. Unfortunately, the current situation has brought a shadow in the agricultural landscape. It is time to bring a bit of light on what we can do to showcase solidarity to our fellow farmers. I deeply hope that more and more entrepreneurs will take a step and make a gesture of solidarity to help agri-SMEs across the EU." expressed Rebeka Pop, CRO and co-founder of enäks.

The current situation not only presents challenges to existing agri-SMEs but also poses a threat to the future of the agricultural business world.

"enäks' focus is on being a solid partner to our clients, both in good times and tough times. However, in the current economic and political landscape, we are extending this partnership to solidarity by sharing the burden with our fellow farmers. It is time to unite by one purpose, not just in diversity. We offer a strong partnership to agri-SMEs suffering from the European Union farming policies, and we demand measures to combat production cost hikes and unfair competition from non-EU countries," said David Pop, CEO and co-founder of enäks.

Enäks (Enaks Market Intelligence Kft.) will keep agri-SMEs updated regarding the offer on a recurring basis. All agri-SMEs will be prioritized compared to other potential clients from non-agro-industry from today until the EU farmers get their demand.


Enäks (Enaks Market Intelligence Kft.) is a marketing agency built on expertise, empathy, and ethical business practices. We deliver data-backed marketing solutions that help SMEs succeed in a competitive landscape. Our all-in-one marketing services are designed to cater to the unique needs and resources of small and medium-sized businesses.

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For a closer look at this transformative initiative and to inquire about or request discounts, please get in touch with us.


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