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Tired of not knowing what your audience really wants? 
STOP wasting your budget.

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Nova AI - Your Marketing Assistant by Enäks

Get the data you need!

Now, you really don't have any excuse

to get ahead of your competitors. 

Marketing Research

We offer a comprehensive range of marketing research solutions that empower businesses to align with evolving consumer demands. Our highly tailored approach encompasses a diverse array of research methodologies, providing valuable insights for optimizing your entire business lifecycle and enhancing your overall effectiveness.


of SME's fail due to a lack of market demand. 


failed because they ignored their customers.


of SME's say failure was due to being outcompeted.


Let's unveil the last piece of layer of your audience and learn their desire. 



Everything can be managed once we've understood the main essence of it, and so is behavior. 

Unfold the hidden emotions and thoughts of your customers, and let's build upon their insights. 

Marketing Consultancy

Experience marketing that sets you apart. Our team stays ahead with fresh insights, crafting strategies that not only reach your goals but also give you an edge over competitors. From crafting OKR frameworks to polishing KPIs, we're here to build from scratch or boost your strategy with data-backed insights. Let's collaborate to propel your brand to new heights.

of SMEs are unsure whether their marketing strategies are working. Hand it over to us! 



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Digital Strategy
& Modeling

From crafting to conversion, we build sales-ready leads tactics.

Navigating peaks and valleys, we engineer growth strategies built to last.

Redefining digital journeys, and enhancing channels for stronger online presence. 

Marketing Execution

Based on your budget and project size, we're also equipped to support smaller facets of your marketing efforts. This includes services like targeted digital marketing, detailed analysis and data modeling, strategy development, or optimizing specific channels. Let's set together your targets and leave the rest for us.




Share your target keyword and cluster with us, and watch as we push them to the top of Google's first page. Let's make your message spread where it matters most!

We create content that captures your audience's attention, keeps them engaged, and effortlessly nudges them to learn more about you, seamlessly converting them into leads.

Utilize PPC to conquer new niches and outdo your goals. Grab your competitors' traffic, convert their audience into customers, and rapidly expand your reach.

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