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Nova AI - Your Marketing Assistant by Enäks

Get the data you need!

Now, you really don't have any excuse

to get ahead of your competitors. 

The Story

Our story traces back to our two founders, a sibling duo of brother and sister. David Pop, our CEO brings almost a decade of marketing experience working with small and big brands across multiple industries, such as Tech, Luxury, Beauty, Healthcare, E-commerce, and Art.


Dr. Rebeka Pop, PhD, our CRO brings +6 years of experience in marketing research, conducting multiple scientific researches on customer behavior with a main focus on e-commerce and retail, technology, fashion, beauty, hospitality, and travel. 

The name 'enäks' is inspired by the 'equinox' {ē-kwə-ˌnäks ˈe-} traditionally known as the stepping stone between light and dark, when day and night are equal, stands for balance. 
Just like the equinox, our collaboration can be characterized as the following milestones: preparation, transition, and harvest. 

We're all about long-term partnerships. We'll help you grab the low-hanging fruits while keeping an eye on your long-term goals. With us, your business is set to grow not just today but for many years to come.

enäks market research and marketing consultancy CRO
enäks market research and marketing consultancy CEO

The Trigger

We noticed that marketing was headed down a tricky path - too many quick decisions and not enough solid facts. So, we decided to step in. 

Our goal? To offer SMEs affordable but top-notch marketing research and consultancy. With the right data, you can make smart business models, strategies, and marketing efforts.

10 years of Marketing experience, +6 years of Research knowledge, All in one.


We're here for the good times and the tough times, helping you make sense of the market and find ways to succeed.

Your journey in the market is a shared adventure we're excited to be part of. With the right mix of smart data and market understanding, enäks is here to guide you through every step, making sure your business blooms through all seasons.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower SMEs worldwide with precise, actionable insights into consumer behavior and advanced data modeling.


We strive to revolutionize marketing research, providing tailored consultancy that enables our clients to surpass their competition and dominate their target markets through informed, strategic decision-making.

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