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Let's talk about you. 
Discover where you stand right now.
See which data you need. 

enäks market research and marketing consultancy potential client profile


let’s find out which stage of your business cycle you're currently in.



You have not entered the market yet, but you have the passion to act quickly and break the market with your idea and vision in just a matter of time.


Your main focus is to plan your market introduction and make the final adjustments to your product or services, yet you’ll need a solid market overview and plan to back up your pitch deck and close your last investment round.

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Nova AI - Your Marketing Assistant by Enäks

Get the data you need!

Now, you really don't have any excuse

to get ahead of your competitors. 

enäks market research and marketing consultancy client profile

The second

most important thing is to see who you are as a leader. We filter our partners and clients based on what we offer in return. 

Communication is the key to achieving our common goals and aligning perfectly with your expectations; our partners are characterized as direct, honest, and assertive when it comes to communication.


You are a humble, respectful, determined leader, a bold visionist whose passion and beliefs make you act on time. 

And last but not least,

please check our company's values to see if it's aligning with you as a person and a professional.






Our Partnership

Our journey together starts with an introduction meeting, allowing us to get to know each other better. During this session, we’ll begin crafting your brief while understanding your vision and goals in-depth. Following this productive discussion, we quickly prepare a tailored proposal that outlines the essential steps, carefully aligned with your marketing budget, to overcome your unique challenges.


Our partnership springs into action immediately after agreeing on our common goal and objectives. Throughout our collaboration, we commit to keep you updated on every key milestone. With consistent reporting and open communication, we'll ensure you're always well-informed and engaged every step of the way.

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