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Shaping Perspectives, Building Legacies.
The data you need

We're a marketing research and consultancy agency dedicated to data-backed market insights and strategic planning, ensuring our partners and clients excel in their industries.

Explore more about you and how we can make your vision a reality.

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Shape your annual strategy with the latest insights.

Discover our 2024 Tech Industry Outlook designed for Startups and SMEs.

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Nova AI - Your Marketing Assistant by Enäks

Get the data you need!

Now, you really don't have any excuse

to get ahead of your competitors. 

Our Approach

We combine marketing intelligence & research with practical plans, helping businesses to take advantage of the market and their competitor's weaknesses by using the latest market trends and stats in our planning and execution that truly resonate with their desired audiences. 

Mapping Your Phase


From Seed to Maturity, we recognize where you stand and tailor our approach to empower your next move.

Research & Strategy 


Thanks to our research team, we bring together a unique mix of marketing services to uncover the hidden habits of your customers.

Partnering with Visionaries 


We thrive on collaboration with visionaries who value directness, honesty, and assertiveness.

Values at Our Core


Loyalty, Belief, Truth, Honesty, and Growth aren't just words to us; they're our driving principles.

Research Citations 


Avg. Estimated Contribution

4.8 ROI

Cited Papers

Top 1%

Our Services


Let's dive into the world of custom insights to really get what's ticking with your consumers! Delving deep into custom insights, we reveal the true essence of your consumers' desires and drives. Beyond mere data, we interpret the impactful stories shaping their choices.



Experience marketing that sets you apart. Our team stays ahead with fresh insights, crafting strategies that not only reach your goals but also give you an edge over competitors. Let's collaborate to push your brand to new heights.

Turn your marketing visions into reality with us! From detailed digital campaigns to in-depth analysis, we stand by your side, ensuring every move makes a mark. Together, we'll ensure your brand doesn't just participate but truly dominates the marketplace.

Everyone has their own weaknesses, and so do your competitors. Let us unfold theirs

Partners thoughts 

"I worked with David to accelerate the lead generation in my team. His communication is always positive. He has extremely good strategy skills and ideas. He also has good critical skills and is direct and optimistic."

A.M. - Head of Marketing, Tech

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