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Enäks' Journey Through Q2 2024 - Constant Work, Growth, and Experiments

Enaks' Q2 Journey Blog Post Cover by Enaks

In the first quarter, we focused on growth, innovation, and solidarity. You can check out our Q1 journey here. In Q2, we continued with consistent work, growth, and experimentation. Before I get into the details, I would like to express my humble thanks to my sister and partner, Dr. Rebeka Pop, for her contribution to our extremely competitive but well-deserved journey of officially working together for an amazing 6 months. Let's dive in.

Big boost in our Client portfolio & SQL

Despite the fact that the consultancy sector was hit hard and there's a continuous trend of neglecting marketing in these uncertain times, we have managed to keep our business growing. While we, Dr. Rebeka Pop and I, have been in this industry for a while now and have accomplished many great achievements in our field, the fact that our dual partnership was established just six months ago makes it a bit challenging to acquire new clients.

Despite this, we have managed a 100% increase in our client portfolio and increased our SQL by 210% in Q2 2024. This can be attributed to the continuous hard and consistent work that Dr. Rebeka Pop and I contribute to our vision each and every day.

While we have strategic partners, these achievements can be attributed to two people, showing that you don't need a big team to achieve a lot in business. You need at least two people whose dedication, years of experience, hard work, and common vision can put you in places you never imagined before.

Again, we won't stop; we will go much further until we have achieved our goal of providing businesses with a powerful advantage to compete with giants by offering quality yet affordable market research and marketing services that blend short-term and long-term success, just like the equinox (which is the origin of our name) blends all four seasons.

Beauty and personal care industry outlook for 2024 by Enäks

In Q1, we offered clarity and a solid market report for the tech industry, where we not only presented statistics but also provided actionable insights for tech vendors. We included detailed and practical managerial implications that ensured tech vendors not only followed global trends but also took the lead in these trends.

In Q2, a new Industry Outlook was released to the public, offering clarity and solid market stats for the Beauty & Personal Care Market.

Beauty and Personal Care Market Outlook for 2024 by Enaks

Here are some of the key highlights of our report:

  • The beauty and personal care market is positioned to generate a staggering revenue of US$646.20 billion in 2024, with an anticipated annual growth rate of 3.33% (CAGR 2024-2028).

  • The beauty tech sector is poised for remarkable growth, with a projected CAGR of 18.8% from 2021 to 2026.

  • In 2023, a significant 77.5% of beauty products were sold through brick-and-mortar stores.

  • In 2024, the United States leads the global market, boasting an estimated revenue of 100 billion USD. Following closely behind are China, Japan, India, and Brazil.

  • Wrinkles dominate beauty discussions among US and UK consumers, while Germans tend to express greater concerns about dry skin issues. In France and Spain, the focus shifts to under-eye circles.

  • Before making online beauty purchases, a staggering 90% of consumers prefer to explore retailer websites, often opting for unbranded searches.

  • Consumers are gravitating towards clean and minimalist packaging, prioritizing functionality and efficacy in their purchases.

Beauty routines across generations by Enaks

Our Beauty & Personal Care Market Outlook for 2024 is full of valuable and actionable insights, offering businesses in the beauty industry an advantage to detect and build upon new trends, extremely insightful consumer behavior facts, purchasing decisions, and packaging insights.

If you've missed our Beauty & Personal Care Market Outlook for 2024, click the link and get the report.

Enäks is No. 11 Top Market Research Companies Globally in Q2 2024

In Q2, Enäks became the No. 11 top market research company globally out of 913 companies worldwide recognized by DesignRush. We continued to be one of the top three market research companies in Hungary according to both Clutch and The Manifest. We have also been ranked among the top seven marketing strategy firms in Hungary and Budapest by Clutch and The Manifest. Moreover, we have been recognized as one of the top 250 market research companies for IT services and healthcare providers globally in 2024 by Clutch.

clutch badges by Enaks

S2B Insights Publicly Available for a Larger Audience

Science is the road toward enlightenment while seeking universal truth. At Enäks, we are no different; we are truth seekers and spokespeople. It's not a coincidence that our approach incorporates this statement in what we do. We're alongside you for the good times and the tough times, helping you make sense of the market and find ways to succeed. That's why in Q2, we've launched our S2B (Science to Business) initiative with our CRO, Dr. Rebeka Pop.

We kicked off a new series: transforming our CRO's scientific research into business insights! Our goal: raise awareness about the existence and importance of science in business (yes, even in marketing!) and make it understandable and useful for everyone.

Science to Business (S2B) by Enaks

Our approach: we start by translating Dr. Rebeka's scientific research into actionable business insights. Of course, the scientific study wasn't done alone—big thanks to the co-authors!

Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, X, and Instagram to keep up with the latest S2B trends.

Gen AI and Market Research Experiments

In late Q1, we launched our public GPT AI assistant on the ChatGPT marketplace, which has already been used by over 100 users. Gen AI is a significant part of our workflow and innovation experiments. As mentioned in Q1, we continue our journey of experimenting with AI and developing new innovative solutions that we hope to share with the public one day.

In late Q3, we plan to externalize our GPT, Nova AI - Marketing Assistant & Competitor Analysis by Enäks, making our GPT accessible to a larger audience. Our experiments with Generative AI in the field of market research are still ongoing, and we hope to make progress that will make market research and consumer behavior more accessible and affordable for smaller companies as well.

Google Featured Snippet and SEO

We don't like to brag, but we're excellent in market research and consultancy, and marketing execution is no exception either. In less than three months, our tech article has achieved a Google featured snippet and positions 1-3 in SERP.

Google snippet tech industry outlook 2024 by Enaks

Source: Google search, Q2 2024

Many SEO experts and agencies say that it takes a year to see results in SERP when investing in SEO. While that's an accurate statement, we have shown that two months is also enough to push your business to the first page of Google with no domain history, authority score, backlinks, or other paid marketing actions. What's the secret? Years of experience and great content, nothing more!

Google snippet tech industry 2024 by Enaks

Source: Google search, Q2 2024

What's next?

Q3 is a relaxing period, but we won't rest! During Q3, our focus will shift toward strategic partnerships and growth. As a dual partnership, we strive to expand our network, enhance our strategic partnerships, grow our client portfolio, and contribute to innovation until we fulfill our mission of providing businesses with a powerful advantage to compete with giants.

We offer quality but affordable market research and marketing services that blend short-term and long-term success, much like the equinox (which is the origin of our name) blends all four seasons.


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